Opportunity to transfer COIN(s) to another exchange with minimal loss

    Opportunity to transfer COIN(s) to another exchange for profit

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Before buying always check the coin wallets on both exchanges to see whether deposits or withdraws are disabled. Also generate deposit addresses on all coins beforehand.
Note: All prices are in USD, some exchanges only show prices in Bitcoin. Also the price difference of altcoins are shown versus the price of Bitcoin on its exchange. For example if a coins price is exactly 0.001 BTC on 2 different exchanges yet it shows a 3% price difference it's because the value of Bitcoin has a 3% difference on the exchanges. So if you were to transfer that coin and sell it to BTC you'd make a 3% profit (minus order fees).

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bittrex - 0.3236902300
hitbtc - 0.3237070000
poloniex - 0.3242447700
kraken - 0.3259500000
cex - 0.3338000000
Buy on bittrex and sell on cex for 3.123% profit

bittrex - 68.2866776600
hitbtc - 68.3738000000
poloniex - 68.4777754100
kraken - 68.7400000000
cex - 70.2100000000
Buy on bittrex and sell on cex for 2.81% profit

bittrex - 5106.0000000600
poloniex - 5107.2000000000
hitbtc - 5109.5800000000
binance - 5110.0000000000
kraken - 5136.7000000000
gemini - 5137.8600000000
bitstamp - 5138.6600000000
gdax - 5139.8000000000
cex - 5228.1000000000
Buy on bittrex and sell on cex for 2.391% profit

hitbtc - 165.3680000000
bittrex - 165.4000000100
poloniex - 165.4589746700
binance - 165.4800000000
kraken - 166.4000000000
gemini - 166.4100000000
bitstamp - 166.4800000000
gdax - 166.5100000000
cex - 169.1800000000
Buy on hitbtc and sell on cex for 2.305% profit

bittrex - 6.2562473400
hitbtc - 6.2687900000
poloniex - 6.2698452100
kraken - 6.3110000000
Buy on bittrex and sell on kraken for 0.8751% profit

bittrex - 65.5650046300
poloniex - 65.6566403400
hitbtc - 65.6636000000
kraken - 66.1000000000
Buy on bittrex and sell on kraken for 0.8159% profit

poloniex - 80.2942988400
binance - 80.3700000000
hitbtc - 80.3735000000
bittrex - 80.4599999600
bitstamp - 80.7100000000
gdax - 80.7900000000
kraken - 80.8200000000
Buy on poloniex and sell on kraken for 0.654% profit

Enter the two numbers to determine the percent of increase:


The percentage of increase is


Don't transfer
BTC (slow, high fees)
Don't transfer Ripple (XRP) or Stellar (XLM) to poloniex. Repeated history of coins transferring slow due to poloniex hot wallet delay.

Pro Tip: If bitcoin has a 3%+ price difference on exchanges it's not recommended to take that risk with arbitrage because bitcoin transaction fees are high and if the network is congested transfers can take hours. Instead you could buy the btc version of another coin (like XRP-BTC) and transfer it fast and cheap. Next sell your XRP (or whatever coin) for BTC on the higher exchange, and finally sell your BTC at the profit difference (minus order fees).

Tip: Typically you'll see a pattern of the same exchanges having prices lower than others, this is due to lower volume and cheaper fees. Taking advantage of a great opportunity is buying a coin on the cheaper exchange when it hits the support level on the higher exchange. For example, if Binance prices are always lower than GDAX, then when a coin on GDAX hits a support, make your buy entry on Binance. Based on probability, even if the support is broken by the time you transfer to GDAX you will still be in profit range.